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The forecast Primbon February 14, 2018, Buda Keliwon Ugu - English Desktop Version
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Birth day of February 14, 2018
  • Influence of the Wewaran (Buda Keliwon)
    Lintang Tiwa-tiwa, Appearance and speech are very polite so others sympathy for him. Always stay away and do not want to listen to the words of the rough. Often misunderstood and despair, but when angry quickly subsides.
  • Influence of the Wuku (Ugu)
    The God of Singajalma, All actions cautious, but very careless and reckless, less jaunty, often alone, lofty ideals and ambition to get ahead, he felt a sharp and smooth.
  • Influence of the Horoscope (Aquarius)
    Honest character, words to be believed, should be used as a companion role model. To achieve the lofty ideals, you must be diligent, friendly and obliging. Her partner Gemini, Libra.
  • Influence of the Pratiti (Jaramerana)
    Like angry, intelligent, lovable relatives, but a lot of enemies, traveling frequently encountered difficulties. Dangerous at the age of 2 days, 9 months and 9 years. Died at Pratiti Awidya.