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Employment Forecast 15 April 2021 - English Desktop Version
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  • Eka Wara: Luang
    Silent, airy.
  • Dwi Wara: Pepet
  • Tri Wara: Kajeng
    Happy talk and wasteful so often get into trouble.
  • Catur Wara: Sri
    Glad flattering/praise. His heart is peaceful and clean.
  • Panca Wara: Umanis
    Dare to speak, Love arbitrary actions.
  • Sad Wara: Urukung
    Often forgotten. Good/suitable to be a hunter, but not to destroy the forest.
  • Sapta Wara: Wraspati
    Able to do anything, not picky. Generous, not fond of his possessions.
  • Asta Wara: Sri
    Have a good mind, prosperous, not lack of food and beverages.
  • Sanga Wara: Dadi
    Whatever done always successfully. Always lucky. Wood tree symbol.
  • Dasa Wara: Duka
    Often get troubled or sad.
  • Wuku: Dunggulan
    The God of Kamajaya, grumpy temperament, a little reckless, short-tempered and irritable, jealous, feeling smooth and quickly falls in love, good fortune but rather wasteful, strong and solid stance.
  • Lintang: Sangkatikel
    Have high ideals. Very hard work but what is done is often doomed to failure. Like to hang out, causing the sympathy of his friends. Always wanted to be praised and often corrects friends.
  • Purnama-Tilem: Penanggal 4
    Cleverly speaking, many ideals of good, good memory.
  • Eka Jala Resi: Manggih bagia
    Gets happy.
  • Pararasan: Laku bintang
    Quiet, gentle heart, can not stand literacy, valuable speech, difficulty prevented his will, have not you had the idea to trade.
  • Panca Suda: Satria wibawa
    Outspoken, obtaining a pleasant life and lofty position.
  • Pratiti Samut Pada: Widnyana
    Long life, beloved priests, attention, love kids, what is desired is often successful, sometimes has a mind of envy, patiently. Dangerous at the age of 5 days, 5 months and 5 years. Died at Pratiti Namarupa.