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Shio of Birth 29 September 2023 | Chinese zodiac predictions and elements

Kelahiran 29 September 2023
  • Character
    The natives of the rabbit sign are quiet, likeable, elegant, vigilant, kind and patient. They are also distinguished by their sense of responsibility. In general, people of the sign of the rabbit have a nice character. Strengths: Gentle, sensitive, compassionate, amiable, modest, and merciful. Weaknesses: Amorous, hesitant, stubborn, timid, conservative.
  • Match
    Best Matches: Sheep, Monkey, Dog, Pig. They are romantic in love and adventurous in life. They know how to make compromises to make their relationship lasting and fresh. Living together, they can become more tolerant and considerate, and life will be sweet and happy. Bad Matches: Snake, Rooster. Their relationship cannot be everlasting, for they will suffer from a series of disagreement and conflicts. They both feel suppressed in marriage life.
  • Number
    Lucky numbers: 3, 4, and 9. Unlucky numbers: 1, 7, and 8.
  • Color
    Lucky colors: red, blue, pink, purple. Unlucky colors: dark brown, dark yellow, white.
  • Flower
    Lucky flowers: snapdragon, plantain lily, nerve plant.
  • Direction
    Lucky directions: east, south and southeast. Unlucky directions: northwest.
  • ElementWater
    Generally, the fixed Water element indicates the potential for a powerful communicator and someone who is able to skillfully manipulate people into seeing a particular point of view. Those born under the Water element are observant and very quick to take advantage of opportunities and harness resources to fulfill their aims. They are also versatile and adaptable, embodying the very nature of Water, which is fluidity. Strengths: Diplomatic, good communicators, Influencers, Observant and very aware, Open minded, Empathetic, sensitive to other’s feelings, Good counselors, Pacifist, will make good meditators, Tend to have good memory, Persistent and determined, When they feel fear, they are able to hide their feelings, Meticulous, Able to identify projects with big potential, to bring great results, Resilience, Able to exert a lot of effort and hard work, Intuitive and flexible, Soft-hearted and gentle. Weaknesses: May be susceptible to being self-centered, Self-indulgent, Indecisive, Rely too much on others for support, Too passive.