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Good Day for Childbirth 12 November 2020 | Sifat dan Karakter Bayi

If the baby's birth is not through a normal process or through surgery, usually the baby's birth date can be selected. There is nothing wrong if you consider the ancestral library of Wariga Adults below to predict the characteristics and characteristics of babies born according to certain dates

Tanggal Lahir Bayi Anda:

Born on 12 November 2020
  • Kamis
    Lakunig, dark wind (behavior of the wind and thunder) means that who is her mate often dies first, many people are afraid to talk, if you have a friend you can`t last, insincere to the heart, hot-hearted, angry, good at outside, likes to be praised, easily cheated if seduced.
  • Wraspati Paing

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