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The Meaning of Animal Behavior Part-2 | Mythology of the Meaning of Animal Behavior Part Two
  • If a sparrow strays into the house, it means that one of the residents in the house that he is entering will have a mate in the near future.
  • On the way to meet an owl that flies overhead, means a warning to you to stay safe otherwise you will soon get sick.
  • If a crow is circling above the house, it means that someone in the house will die.
  • If someone is sick and then they hear the sound of a black crow, it indicates that the sick person will soon die.
  • At night there are bats that enter the house, meaning that someone has bad intentions for the owner of the house.
  • Once your pet bird sounds simultaneously at night, it means the owner of the house will get an unexpected fortune.
  • If a cat crosses our path with a completely black coat, it means all your efforts and business will be in vain.
  • If on your way you hit a cat to death, it means that something will happen to us in traffic. But if the cat is buried by us then we will be safe
  • If we hit the cat until it is injured, it means that in the near future the hitman will catch a serious illness, unless the cat is treated.
  • If the cat jumps over the body, it means that if it happens it will wake the body up and if the corpse hugs the people around it it will be difficult to let go.
  • If you hit a cat until it is injured, it means that if it is not treated immediately, the family's sustenance of the person who injured the cat will decrease for two consecutive months.
  • If the cat licks the owner's feet, it means that one of the family members will get sustenance in no more than one month, if it is not the habit of the cat licking the owner's feet.
  • It is recommended to wash your hair with seven kinds of flowers before 6 hours after beating a cat to death, meaning as a ritual to ward off bad luck for 3 consecutive months.