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The Meaning of Geckos | Mythology of the Meaning of the Lizard's Voice

According to the direction from which the lizard sound comes, the meaning can be encapsulated as follows:

  • East. Asih Tan Sida's work. Address each unsuccessful job.
  • Southeast. Love and sorrow ala Ayu nia. Addresses will be happy bad, bad good comes in a balanced way.
  • South. Advanced opponent kojarnia partners. Address will meet with friends.
  • Southwest. Kojarnia starch. An address will meet a hitch (and even death).
  • West. Ayu am Sophisticated Druwenta comes. Address something good, which is rightfully yours will come.
  • Northwest. Ana Satru, sasab mrana kojarnia. There are enemies, afflicted with disease.
  • North. Ayu kojarnia. Address will be of kindness.
  • Northeast. Ana death, kojarnian style. There is death, the address will be an obstacle.
  • Middle (top). Druwenta comes. Your right comes.

Meanwhile, if the lizard sounds when we are talking about something then it is a sign that what we are talking about is true. Meanwhile, if the lizard starts to pray when or so we finish praying, it is a sign that our prayers and prayers will be answered.