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Zodiac 1 November 2020 - English Desktop Version
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Birth day of 1 November 2020
  • Symbol
    The Scorpion
  • Health
    Susceptible to venereal disease, heart disease, back pain, kidney stones, nose (polyps). Women can be infected vaginal discharge and reproductive organs
  • Character
    Honest fighters until dare to rebel, do not like being told others, too hold the promise, great talent on the occult, his eyes wide, easy to learn a foreign language. Like to dress nice, good homes, and neat. Good at keeping secrets and therefore believable. Sharp and talented in the science of human nature. The weakness, when sad, not much to say and his words, often hurt others. Like Lustful, can do cruel, like praise, if the desire is not achieved can do desperate. Jealousy, dislike criticized and refuted.
  • Occupation
    Doctors, especially surgeons, success in the military and religious, reporter, detective. For women, matched with jobs that require fortitude, courage, and justice.
  • Mate
    Libra or Virgo
  • Day
  • Colour
  • Gemstones
    Topaz and opal
  • Numeral