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Zodiac 11 March 2023 - English Desktop Version
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Birth day of 11 March 2023
  • Symbol
    The Fish
  • Health
    When childhood, the health is not so good, but with age health improved. Susceptible to lung disease and foot disease. It is recommended not to use drugs that can numb and away from alcohol and drugs. At the age of 14-21 years must be observed and kept his lungs.
  • Character
    Pisces people generally have a mixture of good and bad character, weakness together with strength. Have the nature of officers. When his shaky, haunting doubts. Easily influenced by the environment and socially. Love with the landscape and wander. Articulate and often defeat his interlocutor in the debate. Loves to help people who suffer, sometimes with excessive money, so often lead the regret later. Her religious understanding is very deep so it can become a religious leader or religious organization. The weakness: grumpy, shy, forgetful, and sometimes stubborn.
  • Occupation
    Almost all of the work can be done well. Sometimes because of his character are mixed between good and less good, then the work done is often not successful. Easy to understand astrology (astrology) and medicine, art, drama, investigation, mining, shipping, and psychotherapy. Between the ages of 21-28 years of hard work for a living, and at the age of 40-50 years have been reaping the results of his labors. Pisces woman fit to work as a nurse, corporate leaders, and social work.
  • Mate
    Encouragement lust so hard that sometimes marriage is not to seek for a life partner but because of sympathy. Because of his character which is not quiet, then he wants his marriage was not very binding. Cancer or Scorpio soul mate.
  • Day
  • Colour
  • Gemstones
  • Numeral
    3, 6, and 9