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Character Forecast 30 October 2023 - English Desktop Version
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Birth day of 30 October 2023
  • Eka Wara: -
  • Dwi Wara: Menga
  • Tri Wara: Pasah
    Jolly, happy talk, happy to lie to his friends.
  • Catur Wara: Sri
    Glad flattering/praise. His heart is peaceful and clean.
  • Panca Wara: Wage
    Glad lie. Do not want to be aware of her shortcomings. Less loyal. But likes to work and build.
  • Sad Wara: Tungleh
    Glad lie, do embarrassing. Always undecided. Not suitable crops the harvested leaves.
  • Sapta Wara: Soma
    Suitable job is farming. Not evil (patient), loyal, and loving favor. But less intelligent so often sad.
  • Asta Wara: Sri
    Have a good mind, prosperous, not lack of food and beverages.
  • Sanga Wara: Urungan
    What are the desired rarely granted, since short-tempered. Fire emblem.
  • Dasa Wara: Dewa
    Clever, thoughtful, and authoritative.
  • Wuku: Prangbakat
    The God of Bhishma, temperament is very closed, unpredictable people, volition hard and firm, slightly arrogant, very calm face of something, do not despair, very good fortune and not less food and clothing.
  • Lintang: Lembu
    Smart adapt wherever they are. Very sharply against many things. Faithful to the talks and with his actions. Can control himself, life does not dissipate, but very sympathetic to the suffering of others.
  • Purnama-Tilem: Pangelong 1
    Many calculations, sometimes good sometimes not good, a lot of friends, pillars, all he thinks about is good and holy.
  • Eka Jala Resi: Luwih bagia
    Very happy.
  • Pararasan: Laku api
    Like angry, hot coals, said he had given origin only, not pay attention to the face of the water, dashing amusement he joked, his desire to settle quickly.
  • Panca Suda: Wisesa segara
    Love and a lot to give forgiveness. Straight attitude, the feelings, big influence.
  • Pratiti Samut Pada: Jaramerana
    Like angry, intelligent, lovable relatives, but a lot of enemies, traveling frequently encountered difficulties. Dangerous at the age of 2 days, 9 months and 9 years. Died at Pratiti Awidya.