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The Forecast Career, Career 17 March 2024 - English Desktop Version
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Birth of 17 March 2024

The mission of his life is to be always independent. There are two parts to the process of achieving this: first, you have to learn to stand on two feet and not depend on others. Then once you are completely free and independent, learn to be a leader. Many generals, corporate leaders, and politicians have a number of "Life Line" 1.

People who have this one life line numbers always have a great potential to be a leader, but they can fail if a follower. Many of those who spend most of it trying to release their dependence on others, but this would leave little time for them to derive pleasure derived from independence.

People with life line 1 should get out of the environment that makes them easy to depend, and difficult for independents. Those who have a life line number 1 is full of creative inspiration, and have the enthusiasm and drive to accomplish a lot of things. The spirit and the potential coming from the depths of the power possessed. Both physical and character. With this power, appeared persistence and ability to lead. As a natural leader, you have the influence to take over every situation. Overly confident and impatient. Very original, you are talented as an inventor or innovator. In every job you choose, you will be seen independent attitude. You have personal desires are very strong, and you always feel the need to follow your own beliefs.

If a person with a life line number 1 has not evolved as well, and shows the downside, it looks is a side character depends on the person. If you are at its worst, this energy could make it number 1 being selfish.