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The forecast character 4 November 2020, Buda Cemeng Merakih - English Desktop Version
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Birth day of 4 November 2020
  • Influence of the Wewaran (Buda Wage)
    Lintang Kartika, Have aligned behavior. Like to do things that cause other people happy. Each act is full of consideration. Smart lure people and always humble. Glad to saving lives despite having wealth.
  • Influence of the Wuku (Merakih)
    The Surenggana God, temperament always calculated in every action, rather arrogant, firm and sincere, no ambition, jaunty, rejekinya easily searchable, ostentatious wealth.
  • Influence of the Horoscope (Scorpio)
    Has a powerful personality. In life can have the highest level, but can also fall into the lowest place. Fond of social affairs, resilient, and diligent. Her partner Pisces, Cancer Fund, and Virgo.
  • Influence of the Pratiti (Upadana)
    Brave, love to the community, like sleep, without the direction of behavior, speech fun, generous, easy to get a job. Dangerous at the age of 9 days, 2 months, and 9 years old. Died at Pratiti Bhawa.